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1. Safety:
Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, Intrusion Prevention, Anti-virus, and other tools to strengthen your DCP to meet the highest industry standards (HIPAA, SSAE-16, etc.). Point to point connections between remote offices and mobile devices safe for VPNs.
2. Internal Network:
Each internal network is a load balanced ecosystem and optimized performance, physically partitioned and independent that fully meets your requirements. We link to your site each network disaster recovery through a network of high speed and performance.
3. Computing and Virtualization:
Each PDC is implemented regardless of brand or manufacturer of hardware, with true scalability and based on real-time demand. All compute nodes are dedicated exclusively to your company with zero cross of data, resources and physical infrastructure pollination.
4. Storage:
Each storage solution is designed to be scalable, secure and redundant. Storage 100% guaranteeing zero data cross-pollination. Transparent migration of volumes from major cloud providers and real-time synchronization file system. Support major storage vendors.

External Network:
Delivery optimized, neutral, scalable and high performance. It has a disaster recovery site that can be used with dedicated connectivity and/or independently to ensure uptime.
Environment Control:

*Access Control and CCTV.
*Monitoring - Sensors.
*Virtual Back Up.