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Simple solutions for complex computing problems
With the resolution of problems in the forefront of our managed services, we focus on IT infrastructure, while its internal IT department can focus on business applications.
Odeveloper, Inc. can redesign the state of the infrastructure of your company from zero to the last generation. The infrastructure is designed to meet all of your specifications and requirements, leveraging the expertise of the best professionals in our team.
Private Network:
Our customers can take advantage of the services of our private networks anywhere, either between offices, employees outside the office, data center or a private cloud.
Our services enable companies to outsource all elements of IT operations such as data center management, infrastructure architecture, applications, helpdesk and acquisition of hardware to a single service provider management.
IT Support:
We provide comprehensive IT support services for users of desktop. Equipment installations, software configuration and a help line IT support can be easily unified into a single service, freeing your IT team to make you focus on your business applications and objectives.
We can offer VPN as a service for your organization with a variety of capacities, from the link between office locations and remote employees to the possibility of allowing secure access to your company from a private enterprise cloud.