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It is essential to every business in the world to have a computer network infrastructure that allows them to share their resources and have greater connectivity in all its terminals.
In our company we have the best solution to set you up with the adequate type of network either wired or wireless network in different sectors: Hospital, Financial, Industrial, Manufacturing, among others. All this is possible because we have a highly qualified technology professional staff, always bringing the security that our clients deserve providing an adequate and permanent link so you can share their business information and reduce operating costs.
Odeveloper INC. is the leading channel in the field of network consulting offers the best performance, both in the installation of Wired WAN, LAN, MAN, and, in the (WLAN) Wireless.
Since its foundation, Odeveloper INC configured networking technology solutions, having an expertise of over 20 years in the market, starting from the base (structured cabling systems) through the teams that make up the network and reaching the implementation of solutions over IP networks (wireless applications, Voip, logical security, physical security, implementations on Radio Frequency Identification "RFID" system, saving and efficient use of technology for enterprise-level power consumption and even residential).