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Professional Services of Odeveloper INC. is the point of contact with our customers to share and implement the highest possible concentration of knowledge and operational experience to topspin the success of their projects in the areas of Information Technology, Sales and Marketing. Companies seek expert guidance that facilitates decision making and the optimization of the relation of value with respect to costs and risks.
The consulting service Odeveloper INC. provides a uniform methodology and experience in the corporate market for sizing technological and financial investments in IT, design solutions compatible with the computing environment of your company to amalgamate the best possible solution to the challenge posted. If the requirement is on developing web services and mobile applications, consulting services Odeveloper INC. provides a consolidated system in the areas of sales and marketing which involves automated state of the art in the use of visual management tools and databases art experience.
Additionally, Odeveloper INC. provides operational services to manage computer data centers, field facilities in the area of telecommunications and assistance in the assessment and resolution of technical failures in the communication networks of your company.
Professional Services Odeveloper INC. specializes in projects that are designed to produce reliable results in the best cost-benefit ratio. We provide our best efforts to:
      • Conceptualization and design of the objective situation.
      • Modeling IT to business needs and propose viable alternatives from technical and financial points of view.
      • Analyze and manage risks and interdependencies intervene when the IT environment
      • Create and customize your web and mobile platform to optimize operational flow of sales and e-marketing actions.
      • Plan and develop project management field operation and maintenance of their fixed and remote installations.