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Odeveloper, Inc. has specialized in the consulting and implementation of automated sales force systems, as a result of over 15 years of knowledge accumulation in various manufacturing and distribution industries of consumer package products. Our leading application SalesBrain is based on a web technology and mobile platform, which allows you to manage all stages of the sales process, from planning clients, vendors, products and promotions, to record all daily operations with customers, their transactions and exchange of information generated in every face to face encounter.
Among the main SalesBrain options are:
      • Analysis of strategic sales cycle visualizing Company Customers, Vendors and Products.
      • Organization of daily routes and visit schedules.
      • KPI of customers, products and sales channels.
      • Taking orders, price adjustments, promotions and backorders.
      • Automated Management accurate and relevant information on direct customer management: taking inventory, orders, returns,
        receivables, payables, returned checks, customer account statement, ineffective visits control, among others.

SalesBrain's technology platform is part of the concept of application as a service (cloud) and to operate from a schemeof Private Data Center. The web and mobile applications are integrated to provide the service in any environment. Additionally, sales management options allow you to have a live view of all activity related to the sales of your company, including the ability to perform data mining and business intelligence in order to reach the deeper level of analysis.